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If you are looking to level up without reading, software engineer podcasts can be an untapped avenue you should exploit now. I have been listening to podcasts geared towards software engineers for a long time now.

Due to no commute in the past 12 months, I found new times and ways to listen to podcasts. Continuing the yearly posts about podcasts, in this post, I am going to recommend 3 software engineer podcasts you should subscribe to instantly.

Software Engineer podcasts you should not miss

There are multiple ways to make HTTP requests in Node.js. We can do so using the standard HTTP/HTTPS module, of course, or we could use one of a number of npm packages that make our lives much easier.

In this post, we are going to see code examples of the native HTTPS module that comes built-in with your Node.js installation as well as npm packages like Axios, Got, SuperAgent, and node-fetch. Let’s get cracking!

5 different ways to make HTTP requests with Node.js

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