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Starting a tech blog has changed in the last few years. 10 years back starting a blog without your website, you had 2 options Blogger or Wordpress. Both gave you a free sub-domain. Things did not change much for quite some time, but in 2012 medium came with a storm. It gained a lot of traction with its simplistic interface in 2014-2015. With the publication feature, Medium makes it very easy for a group of writers to collaborate. These days I would suggest most people start their blog on it.

5 tech medium publication software engineers should strive to write for

10 years back it was Git that transformed the way software engineers worked. Half a decade back it was Docker that brought the container to the masses. Before Docker, container was like a sacred secret in companies like Google and Heroku. Docker is a software and a company too. It tried to build a broader ecosystem but Kubernetes stole the thunder along the way keeping swarm at bay. This post is not about how some Docker tools are not popular. It is about how Docker has changed the way we work in the past 5 years.

4 ways Docker changed the way software engineers work in past 5 years

Agility comes with practice not putting big words on paper. Using Jira does not make your software development process agile. Saying we do “scrum” is not being agile. Being agile is having an agile mindset and putting it into practice everyday. It is about thinking about the value you deliver to the customer and how to do it better. This post will also unveil these 5 signs and how to solve these issues. The signs and solutions will concern multiple roles like Product Manager, Software engineer etc.

5 signs that reveal your company is agile only on paper and solutions for them

I gave a talk at #devopsdaysNewy on 24-Oct-2018. It was a great conference with lots of amazing people. I want to thank the organizers for putting together such an amazing event. I want to extend the thanks to the sponsors who made it possible :). It was very good couple of days to meet new people and form a network. I think my talk on microservices went pretty good too. It was my second devops days and I enjoyed it.

Moving from A and B to 150 microservices, the journey, and learnings

Breaking down a big feature to epics and stories is always tricky. Then you have sub-stories making the process complicated. If you could deploy the finished task that delivers value to the business it would help. Enter feature flags, using this you can deploy your code to production behind a gate. Code and feature are on production but not fully released to everyone. This post is going to help you adjust your mental model for getting more benefits with feature flags.

Deployment is not Release, lets use feature flags [Image Source Unspalsh]