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Docker has sharply risen in popularity in the past years. It has been one of the tools that have changed the way we work as software engineers and DevOps Engineers. From Docker v 17.05 multi-stage build was introduced which helped abandon the older builder pattern with use of stages and target. This post discussed how you can exploit docker multi-stage build to build optimal images suited for dev/test and production with a NodeJs example application.

Streamline your docker image building with multi-stage builds for dev and production

Google Cloud Run makes deploying stateless containers a breeze. It has a fully managed serverless version, which gives huge scalability, high availability and cost based on precise usage. Being serverless, there are no servers for us to manage. In addition to these awesome reasons, this post discusses 5 more compelling reasons to use Google Cloud Run with serverless conatiners for your next project and it just became generally available.

5 compelling reasons to use Cloud Run

What is the fastest way to get a working URL for your stateless container in a serverless way? With 0 doubts it is Google Cloud Run. Containers and Docker are far more popular than Serverless if we look at Google Trends, still there is a meeting point for both these technologies and Cloud Run does a great job to make it super easy to deploy serverless containers in minutes. This post details about a talk I gave at Serverless Days Sydney 2019 about serverless containers.

Get running HTTPs URL for your Servereless Containers with Google Cloud Run

Symfony is without doubts one of the most popular PHP frameworks. It has amazing flexibility and is written in an applaudable modular fashion. Some Symfony components even power other prominent frameworks like Laravel. Running Symfony is a bit tricky at times, especially the permissions of the cache and logs folder, this blog post demystifies running the Symfony Demo App in a docker container and hosting it serverless on Google Cloud Run.

Get Symfony running on Google Cloud Run with the demo app