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Hi, I am Geshan. I am a software engineer, with more than 15 years of software engineering experience. Currently, I am living in Sydney, Australia serving Simply Wall St as a senior software engineer.

Geshan Manandhar

I have a keen interest in REST architecture, microservices, and cloud computing. I am a language-agnostic software engineer (backend-focused) who believes the value provided to the business is more important than the choice of language or framework.

Consciously evolving #

I was born and lived the majority of my life in Kathmandu, Nepal. I have lived and worked in the Netherlands, U.A.E, and Australia. This multi-cultural experience has enriched my life in various aspects. It has also given me chances to work on software systems of varying scale that millions of customers have used, benefitted from, and can rely upon.

Day to day #

Day to day, I use mainly Javascript (Typescript/Node.js) and PHP with MySQL/Postgres database to translate business requirements into reliable, scalable, and resilient software systems.

Why This blog? #

I have been blogging since 2007, I blog about things I have learned, things I want to share, or just something I want to rant about :). The best feeling is when you are stuck on something you Google for a solution and you end up finding your own blog post written some years back. That feeling is priceless.

Another factor that motivates me to keep on publishing blog posts is the feedback you get from people. I have been told that the person was looking for something technical and found one of my blog posts. The person added, it helped to solve the issue or learn something new. This also gives me a sense of immense satisfaction.

Public Speaking #

I have given talks at tech conferences in the Middle East, Europe, United States, and Australia in the past years on topics ranging from ChatOps, Continous delivery to Microservices and Serverless containers. You can see a neatly organized table as a GitHub repo. I have also spoken at various meetups too.

Side Projects #

I have a couple of side projects. I only do one side project a year to get it over the line:):

Nepal News English - 2019 #

Nepal News English Twitter account is a news aggregator that aggregates News about Nepal from 15+ sources. It was re-built in 2019 with Node.js and MySQL. All the code is running on Google Cloud Run as serverless containers. Please follow Nepal_news_en if you want to get all the news about Nepal in the English language in one place. It currently has 14.4 K followers.

AU Tech Jobs - 2020 #

AU Tech Jobs is a tech job aggregator that collects jobs from 95+ companies. Currently, the app has over 2700 jobs listed. Its USPs include:

  • Job description summary for easy reading
  • Tag job as non-technical by using external categorization service
  • Saved jobs
  • Applied jobs
  • Shows if the company is known to sponsor work visa or not
  • Faceted search (search by multiple departments or work type)

This side project has been a joint effort of more than two dozen people. I thank each and every one of them for their time and support. This project was seeded from Australian companies providing work visa sponsorship GitHub repo I started in late 2018.

Publications #

A list of some of the articles I have written outside of this blog:

Feedback from colleagues #

I have always strived to have a positive impact on the places I have work and the people I work with. Some feedback I have received include:

Anupal Sharma, Senior Software Engineer @ THE ICONIC - 2021

Geshan is an awesome person and engineer as well. He always there when you need him and try to help as much he can.

I have worked with him from last 6 months and am really glad to have him in my squad to work together, finding solutions, expressing both ways, and for great suggestions on improving myself both on technical and personal levels.

He always comes with great mind set to resolve the problem with effective solutions. He is pretty good at understanding the problem and solving it with step by step approach which i really like and learned along with him.

You would never retreat working with Geshan and will always learn something new from him.

Max Antonov, Product Manager @ THE ICONIC - 2020

Geshan is an awesome mix of strong engineering talent and excellent communication skills. His leadership qualities and decision-making capabilities contributed immensely to the success of our product teams.

He is very professional in his work and will ensure that the job gets done with quality. His ability and motivation to solve the most challenging technical problems is inspiring.

Geshan works hard to ensure his expertise stays relevant and that he's accomplishing his work in the best way possible.

Mohammad (Moe) Torkainfar, Software Engineer @ THE ICONIC - 2020

Few people have the opportunity to discover silver bullet solutions on tech—but I did when I worked with Geshan. I had the pleasure of working with him for 6 months at THE ICONIC, collaborating on several project teams.

I was particularly impressed by Geshan's ability to handle even the toughest complex issues in our squad. That skill often takes years to develop, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to him. The seniority and wisdom helped us make our issues easier to understand, it is remarkable. Besides, the way that he's been looking at the problems showed me a new way of looking at the issues.

Above all, his communication skills are incredible and I was impressed with his ability to move things forward, even if the issue depends on many things. Any person would be lucky to work with him and he earns my highest recommendation.

Ruslan Umyarov, Software Engineer @ THE ICONIC - 2019

Geshan is a solid professional, strong communicator and a very nice person. He knows the value of not only developing good solutions but also teaching and inspiring people.

Alessandro (Alex) Nadalin, CTO @ Namshi - 2018

Geshan has been Namshi's Swiss Army knife over the past 6 years: a great team player, solid contributor and adaptive learner.

He joined the team and immediately embraced a new way of building software: service-oriented, with automated tests and built to last. His ability to adapt and embrace new challenges has been exceptional, and it was with a calm, receptive spirit that he tackled each and every challenge here at Namshi.

Over the past few years, he established himself as one of our top contributors, able to directly discuss approaches and solutions with stakeholders: he operated with a lot of autonomy as one of our most senior engineers, and never encountered major setbacks. There have been multiple instances when, faced with an impending issue, I would rely on Geshan to take over and save the day. I also appreciated the fact that I could have an open, honest conversation with him regarding scope, timelines, and challenges -- there was never a day when I felt I couldn't trust him.

Dedicated and devoted to helping his teammates, he definitely left a mark on a few of our other engineers through knowledge-sharing and teamwork.

Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a solid software engineer with a knack for understanding the business side of the work.

Alessandro (Cirpo) Cinelli, Head of Backend Engineering @ Namshi - 2016

I had the pleasure of working with Geshan while we were building the most successful fashion e-commerce in the Middle-East. He joined Namshi a year before me and his knowledge about the domain and his great communication skills helped me a lot to get up to speed with the environment. Other than being a good developer, Geshan has been a key role when drafting specifications or testing all the scenarios for a critical feature: he is a very precise and hard worker.

I have always admired the fact that he stays very up to date with what goes around in the Tech world and constantly he tries to “give back” as much as possible to the community by speaking at conferences and organizing tech events in his home country. I really hope our paths will cross again in the future

Halil Koklu, CTO @ Namshi - 2013

First joined as Senior Developer, Geshan quickly evolved into leading the new established Quality and Maintenance Team which is responsible for assuring quality and solving issues. Geshan is very committed strong developer and has deep knowledge of web technologies.

Geshan is blessed with a very humble but caring personality. Working for him was always a joy.

Bibhusan Bista, CEO @ YoungInnovations - 2011

Geshan is a hard working individual with serious interest and aptitude for software development. At YoungInnovations, he played crucial role in development of appropriate systems and processes to ensure quality and efficiency in our projects. He was very interested in building capacity of the team.

He was ahead of deadlines in most of the cases and paid attention to minute details of the projects he led. He would be an asset to any company he works for.

Anjan Shrestha, Senior UX Designer @ YoungInnovations 2009

Geshan is a good programmer with great analytical and decision-making skills. He is no doubt one of the best well-planned and systematic person (as a worker) I have ever encountered.

Always ready to give out a helping hand (be it coding or any other decision-making issues) and never behind in experimenting with new technologies and methodologies. In addition, he is a good listener/observer and posses great presentational skills.

I am also #

  • running this blog since 2007 -- how many years? do the math on your own ;). It is currently 11ty.
  • a Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Google Cloud since Dec 2019
  • a Certified Scrum Master since Apr 2019
  • mentoring and coaching people in their tech careers, especially to find their first full-time tech role in Australia from mid-2018. Wanna chat? Send me an email (email address below).
  • and a SEO rookie :)

Follow Me/this blog #

You can reach me by email at geshan[at]gmail[dot]com. I am also open to link exchanges for this blog but please DO NOT contact me for any guest posts.


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