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Docker as been immensely popular in the past years. If you are not using docker at least in your dev environment in 2017. You are surely missing out on some great advantages. Your new software engineer should start writing production-ready code in a matter of hours not days. All thanks to docker. Along the same lines, this post will cover how you can set up docker for your dev environment with least friction and maximum productivity. It is an opinionated post. We migrated to this external_links approach so that we could run multiple projects/microservices that use the same db/services shared among them.

Docker compose with vhost and shared services

Podcasts open up a new horizon for learning, it is easier than reading and you can do it while commuting. This is a part 3 is the series (do check part 1 and 2) of podcasts you must subscribe to and listen to as a software engineer. Same as the last 2 times the 3 podcasts listed below have superb content and amazing sound quality too. Below is the list:

3 podcasts every software engineer should subscribe to - part 3

Looking for the right web hosting provider for your website/app idea? It is like finding a housing for yourself. You have to first agree on the type like you want an apartment in a building, your own house/villa or may be a mansion. It will also depend on your budget and what you want to do in your housing. A similar process applies for your web hosting. You can go for a shared host or dedicated host or some cloud Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS ) provider.

In the infographics below I will do a basic comparison between shared host, dedicated host and cloud provider. They are roughly comparable to an apartment, house or a mansion. I am over simplifying things grouping Virtual Private Server (VPS) and dedicated hosting together.