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👋 I’m Geshan, Senior Software Engineer and a speaker.

I have more than 15 years of professional software engineering experience, currently located in Sydney, Australia serving Simply Wall St as a senior software engineer. I am a Google Developer Expert and I have actively participated as a speaker in:

  • laracon EU Amsterdam 2016 logo
  • Devops Days Portland 2017
  • Devops Days New Castle 2018
  • Google developer expert 2019
  • Laracon AU 2019
  • Serverless Days Sydney 2019

and more. I am a technical writer too, blogging since 2007.

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    Recently published

    How to run multiple NPM commands simultaneously using concurrently

    Use concurrently to run two or more NPM commands simultaneously following this step-by-step tutorial. You can also add the script as part of you package.json.

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    101 software engineering realities you must be aware of (especially as a junior engineer)

    101 things I have learned since 2007 about software engineering and web development from languges to testing and DevOps.

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    Things tech recruiters look for in your resume and first interview part 3

    Save your resume from landing in the black hole. Learn what tech recruiters in Australia look for in your resume and first interview.

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    Node.js alternatives: Exploring Deno and Bun (with code examples)

    Learn about 2 Node.js alternatives in JavaScript sphere, Deno and Bun with a simple code example.

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    How to wait 1 second in JavaScript (using setTimeout, Promise, and Delay)

    Learn how to wait 1 second in Javascript with setTimeout, promise (async/await) and the Delay NPM package in this easy to follow guide with code examples.

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