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Podcasts open up a new horizon for learning, it is easier than reading and you can do it while commuting. This is a part 3 is the series (do check part 1 and 2) of podcasts you must subscribe to and listen to as a software engineer. Same as the last 2 times the 3 podcasts listed below have superb content and amazing sound quality too. Below is the list:

3 podcasts every software engineer should subscribe to - part 3

To Be Continuous by Heavybit

This is a gem of a podcast. Hosted by Paul and Edith it has the right mix of technical and non-technical content. Paul is the co-founder of Circle CI and Edith is the co-founder of LaunchDarkly. Together they make a great pair. They put forward their ideas about continuous delivery and software engineering topics. Sometimes they even bring in guests which is like a cherry on the cake. The last episode #28 on Goal setting was amazing.

To Be Continuous Podcast

Tech People by Gistia Labs

In-depth interviews is what tech people by Gistia Labs podcast excels on. They bring in leaders from the tech industry to discuss topics from Angular in the enterprise to UX for Lean startup. The interviews are a bit long, still they are insightful and relay important information.

Tech People Podcast

Mixergy by Andrew

Another admirable podcast is Mixergy hosted by Andrew Warner. With over a 1000 interviews with proven entrepreneurs, he knows how to ask the right questions. Andrew sometimes elicits such insightful information out of his guest. It is intriguing how he does it. If you ever want to learn how to interview people this is one podcast you can’t afford do miss. He generally interviews tech entrepreneurs. The interviews usually last like an hour. You even as a software engineer get to know important things about how to run a business.

Mixergy Podcast

I hope you had a great start to the new year and continue your learning listening to amazing podcasts. Cheers!