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I had given a talk in the PHP Developers Nepal meetup #14 in Aug 2014 about Rabbit Mq and Symfony. This time the meetup took place at Prime College today. There were 2 regular talks for this meetup and one 5 minute lightening talk about the community. For this 16th installment, we did an open discussion for the first time. The topic of open discussion was "Does automated deployment and DevOps add value to the organization?". It was the highlight of the event.

PHP Dev Meetup 16 Open Panel discussion on DevOps

How did it all unfold #

The first talk was given by Amrit GC on "Ansible for PHP Developers", then I presented my talk on "Simplified Gitflow". After those two regular talks we had a lightening talk presented by Manish Jung Thapa (MJT) on PHP Developers Nepal Community. Last part of the program was an open discussion on "Does automated deployment and DevOps add value to the organization?" which got a lot of questions from the audience. It was great to moderate the open discussion. Overall, it was an amazing meetup. I guess there were around 100 participants which makes it one of the biggest PHP Developers meetup in terms of audience size.

My Talk on Simplified Gitflow #

This is not the first time I presented this talk :). I had already given this talk at YIPL in Mar 2015. This time I changed the slides and made it more general. I hope it was helpful to the audience.

PHP Dev Meetup 16 My talk on simplified gitflow

Slides of Simplified Gitflow #

Video of my talk on Simplified Gitflow #

More vidoes of the full event in this playlist.

Hope to see more meetups #

Hope there will be a Developers Nepal meetup which is language agnostic soon. Kudos.


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