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After almost 2 years, I gave another talk to the students of Prime College. Last time it was “Things I wished I knew while doing my tech bachelors”. This time it was Career Paths for to be tech graduates. I prepared the slides at 9 and was already presenting the talk at 11:15.

Career Paths for tech graduates the talk



The students were from Bsc. CSIT and BIM of second and fourth semester. They were high on youth and not worried about their careers. As it was a short talk, I wanted the session to be interactive. I was trying to get more questions out of them. Some of them were shy to ask the questions so they came in later after the talk to have a chat with me.

Career Paths for tech graduates the participants


Questions centered towards roles and problems faced by tech companies in Nepal. I answered the queries with the things I knew and what I had experienced when I was working in Nepal. Few of them were enthusiastic about opening up their own company. I wish them best of luck.


Students get serious about internship, job and career only towards their final semesters. I think they should start planning for their internship at the mid of their bachelor study. By the ¾ stage, they should know which career path should I take.

I hope the short talk and QnA session helped some of the participants to think about their career plans.