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Last week when I was in Kathmandu, Nepal I did a talk at Prime College, the college where I did my bachelor (undergraduate) and my Plus 2. The talk was about “Things I wished I knew while doing my bachelor / undergraduate”.

This talk was about how to use your bachelor to craft your tech career. I started with what I have done and some examples of where my friends have reached. Then I focused on things to consider for selecting and doing projects for technical subjects in bachelor study.

After that I opened up the secrets of selecting a company and doing internship. To concluded I gave some tips on approaching the job market. I think the talk went good and I was able to convey my message correctly to all the participants. I hope the students will benefit from it.

Attentive Students

Thankfully the bachelor students who attended the talk were very attentive and inquisitive towards what I was presenting. I was expecting more students from Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) but the majority were from Bsc. CSIT 6th semester. I am happy and thankful to the attendees who gave their time to listening to what I had to say.

The Slides

Below are the slides of the talk:

And the video

The video of the talk is here, it has the full presentation and some questions:


Overall the weeks long preparation of the slides came out very fruitful. I am thankful to the college management and Robert Shrestha for his co-operation and help. I hope we can do other events or workshop like these at the college.