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Just knowing git and all team members pushing code to the main branch (master) is not a good practice. To leverage the most out of git, it is a good idea to do feature branching and follow a branching model. GitFlow is one of the options for doing a feature branching model but it is not so straight forward, In this blog post with a video and presentation I would elaborate on how a team can use simplified gitflow and get the most out of using git.

Simplified git-flow


You can also view the interactive slides.


I talk about git flow for the first 15-16 minutes then I start answering questions on git and gitflow. Then I explain about other things in git which can be helpful. I did this presentation at YIPL on 11-Mar-2015. I know its a late post its like a part 2 of Do you git your code? Follow this simplified gitflow branching model to improve productivity.

Hope you learn something new about git and simplified gitflow from this video.