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Listening to podcasts is a good way to learn new things. Like the last time, I have found some more podcasts with amazing content and sound quality. In this post, I will list 3 awesome podcasts. All software engineers/developers should subscribe to them now.

3 podcasts every software engineer should subscribe to - part 2 (Background image shot by me)

Software Engineering Daily

Software engineering daily is a daily podcast hosted by Jeff Meyerson.
He has worked at Amazon and knows what he is talking about. T he interviews are in-depth, long and enjoyable. Jeff is sharp, there is never a dull moment in the one to one interviews he conducts. He covers a wide range of subjects from docker/kubernates to logging and git.

Software Engineering Daily podcast

Scale your code

Christophe Limpalair hosts Scale your code podcast. A new episode usually arrives every 15 days. He also interviews known tech personalities. The podcast covers a wide array of topics from open source to performance. This podcast informs how the big players deal with scaling and performance problems.

Scale Your Code’s mission is to organize the world’s programming knowledge from top sources and make it universally accessible to improve software security, speed, and reliability.

Scale your code podcast

Scurm Master Toolbox

Scrum master toolbox podcast is another daily podcast with a theme for each weekday. Vasco Duarte hosts this podcast. He conducts the interviews with ease and a purpose to get the best out of his guests. Regardless of you do scrum or not this will help you in your career. Software engineers are solution providers. Understanding team dynamics, product management and change management is important in our work life.

Scurm Master Toolbox podcast

For this time it was all podcasts with one on one interviews. Hope you like them and it helps you expand your tech horizon.