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I have been listening to podcasts since years now, though it has not been continuous. I remember listening to Lullabot podcast 7 years back in 2008. Some podcasts have good content and sound quality. Some podcasts start with a great intro music and their sound quality disappoints. In this post, I will mention 3 amazing podcasts I have been listening in past months. Every software engineer/developer should listen to them. They have great content and sound quality in all the episodes.

3 podcasts every software engineer should subscribe to (Background image Copyright Santosh Manandhar)

Full Stack Radio

Full Stack Radio is a podcast hosted by Adam Wathan. A guest joins in the podcast. The duo talk about software development related topics from product design to system administration. The podcast has a consistent quality and good selection of topics. One of my favorite is when Adam talks with Chris hunt about how Github does remote work.

Full Stack Radio

Western Devs

Western Devs is another podcast that I like listening to. They have a panel of 5-7 participants and talking about tech topics. At times some of the participants seem to be quite still the discussion they have is informative. I liked the episode when they talked about Devops.

Western Devs Podcast

Startups for the rest of us

Startups for the rest of us is not a technical podcast. You should listen to it because software adapts to business and not the other way round. Many times its not about having that perfect code or applying that amazing pattern. It is about solving problems for people who were doing things in a manual way for example. If you have a business idea and want to start a startup this is a must listen. I liked the episode where they talked about things that done scale.

Start ups for the rest of us

I hope you enjoy listening to these amazing podcasts. It will make your free time/commute more enjoyable and productive.