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It has already been a month that the devastating earthquake hit Nepal. I hope life is coming back to normal now and people in Nepal are optimistic, positive and hopeful. I hope everyone will do what they are best doing with sincerity as its one of the best ways you can help in rebuilding Nepal.

Below is final the Part 4 of the Software Engineering Practices in Nepal Infographics. In this edition the information reveals Project Management Methodology and Software, testing frameworks and mobile apps all extracted out from the survey data.

Special thanks to Ashish Singh and Ansubha Manandhar for this edition too, for your help in data normalization, filtering and grouping.

Data for the infographics is taken from this survey response, I kindly request you to fill it.

Software Engineering Practices in Nepal Infographics Part 4

You can view this infographics in interactive mode too.

If you enjoyed viewing the infographics, I again request to fill up the survey if you have not filled it up yet.

Thanks to everyone filling up the survey. Do check the previouse infographics Part 1, 2 and 3 too. I will make the survey open till 2015 Q3 and post the final results in Oct 2015.