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Let rebuild #Nepal, do what you can. As a software professional from past 6 years I think this is how I can help, informing fellow Nepali software engineers about the latest software engineering practices. Lets step up and help as you can.

Below is the Part 3 of the Software Engineering Practices in Nepal Infographics. This time the visual info covers system admin/devOps department, deployment culture, Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CI), virtual environment, communication tool, log and server monitoring and other interesting facts from the survey.

Again special thanks to Ashish Singh for helping me clean up and compile the data in a better way and the pretty Ansubha Manandhar helping us group and compile the data into percentages, thank you for that.

Data for the infographics is taken from this survey response, I kindly request you to fill it.

Software Engineering Practices in Nepal Infographics Part 3

You can view this infographics in interactive mode too.

If you enjoyed viewing the infographics, I again request to fill up the survey if you have not filled it up yet.

Thanks to everyone filling up the survey even in such conditions in Nepal. I hope to get some more responses so that the next infographics in this series will have more data. I will make the survey open till 2015 Q3 and post the final results in Oct 2015. #prayForNepal #stayStrongNepal #rebuildNepal #helpNepal