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I was in Kathmandu,Nepal for a week at the end of November and this time I talked about how to become a better software company technically at YIPL on 24-Nov-2014.

Better Software Company Talk

Generally the software scene in Nepal is good, a handful are working at big scale with hundreds of software engineers and many are small with some developers. A thing I noticed talking with developers is that mostly is only about making things work. The need to follow a proper release cycle with gitflow, or even follow a defined issue flow and testing it in multiple environments is not felt.

Same feelings are shared when it comes to things like code quality, code review, automated testing, consistent virtual dev environment shared between developers and generally automation. The pressing need for such methodologies and tools are not felt which in turn decrease developer productivity.

My talk was an introduction to methodologies and tools I have used in the past 3 years that help developer productivity and establish a better project management culture.

The main themes of this talk was as follows:

  • Process Management
  • Software Quality
  • Automation


Below are the slides of the presentation (it has some links embedded :), check them as well):


And the video of the talk:

I hope it helps the software engineers and project managers managing software projects. They can look into what they are doing and adopt above mentioned tools and methodologies to improve productivity. processes should be there to improve productivity and not hinder it so choose processes and tools that are practical in your context.