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If you are looking to level up without reading, software engineer podcasts can be an untapped avenue you should exploit now. I have been listening to podcasts geared towards software engineers for a long time now.

Due to no commute in the past 12 months, I found new times and ways to listen to podcasts. Continuing the yearly posts about podcasts, in this post, I am going to recommend 3 software engineer podcasts you should subscribe to instantly.

Software Engineer podcasts you should not miss

Table of contents #

Staff Eng Podcast #

Staff Eng has stories and guides for Staff plus engineers. The stories include engineers from companies like Dropbox, Stripe, Slack, and MailChimp to name a few. The Staff Engineer book by Will Larson is the main offering there but, recently they have started a podcast. Obviously, it is titled the StaffEng podcast hosted by David and Alex who are Staff plus engineers themselves.

Staff Eng podcast features inteview with staff plus engineers

The podcast started at the end of Mar-2021 and currently has 2 episodes. I have listened to both of them and they are amazing. I really liked the Episode where Sarah Dylan from Algolia is interviewed.

The balance of things and how Staff engineers impact the whole organization is very well explained. She also talks about her career ladder and how leveling up was not easy.

The relationship between a staff-level engineer and an engineering manager is explained in a great way. You should listen to both episodes, I am waiting for the next episode to be released.

DevDiscuss # is a very popular developer resource. As a company, it has products like Forem and recently acquired CodeNewBie. They also have a podcast named DevDiscuss. From the archive, it looks like the podcast started in early July 2020, but they already have 4 seasons and 30+ episodes. They cover technical topics like things to know about JavaScript to non-technical stuff like improving onboarding for early-career devs.

Dev Discuss podcasts includes both technical and non-technical content

One episode that stands out for me is the how to have effective meetings one.

In this awesome episode Andy talks about his elaborate experience of meeting and how we can make meetings effective. The meeting agenda template including “WW, DW, BW” - Who will do what by when is simply superb.

The agreement tips provided by him are also amazing. Here is a written summary of that podcast if you would like to read it.

In Depth Podcast #

First Round is a seed-stage venture firm focused on building a vibrant community of technology entrepreneurs and companies. They have a blog called First Round Review with surely above-average content. For instance, the post about how to spot and magnify powers of engineering superheroes is extraordinary. The way the blog post goes into the types of software engineers like Aquaman, Spielberg, etc is really commendable.

In Depth Podcast by First Round has stellar team building suggestions very useful for software engineers

First Round also has a podcast called In Depth. Its tagline is: “Going deeper on the advice startup leaders need to grow their teams, their companies and themselves.”, they surely live up to the expectations. An episode that stands out for me is the one on employee engagement with Russ Laraway. The advice he gives about how to keep employees engaged is incredible.

The way he emphasizes the skills of the manager and how to measure it is great. The stress he puts on clarity, career, direction, and coaching is praiseworthy.

There are surely other exceptional episodes in the In Depth podcast.

Conclusion #

As usual, I have listed 3 high-quality podcasts in terms of content, production, and the way guests are interviewed by the hosts. Similar to the previous blog posts about software engineer podcasts I have selected two technical podcasts and one non-technical but very useful podcast. I hope you liked it.

You can go through previous software engineering podcast recommendations too. Enjoy listening to these amazing podcasts!



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