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Being updated is an important need for all technology professionals. These days, there are many ways to get updated and we are at times overwhelmed with the things we read. To help this situations, and get a rundown of a curated list of links to read for any topic is subscribe to a weekly.

Weeklies are compact and organized list of links with articles, podcasts, videos etc. They are focused to a related to a topic, technology, language or framework delivered to you email inbox each week. This post curates a list of 3 weeklies for all software engineer/developers. The main 3 weeklies are language and framework agnostic. Towards the end there is mention of some language, framework and CMS specific weeklies.

3 weeklies every software engineer should subscribe to (Background image shot by me.)


3 great weeklies you should subscribe to are:

Changelog Weekly

Changelog Weekly comes out every Saturday. It give you a well balanced rundown of all things open source. It covers major headlines, projects and repos, videos. It also includes pings posted on its ping repository. So you can try a ping too :) ChangeLog weekly is a great way to stay updated. It covers all new open source news and repositories.

StakeShare Weekly

StackShare Weekly is released every Friday/Saturday. It includes a post on how one company scaled or improved its stack. For example last week it covered how ProLeads moved from Heroku to Docker. Then it summarizes new and top 10 tools, products or services. Stack Share has a great listing of many services, products and tools categorized well. Their newsletter is super helpful to get up to date with the latest tools and services.

DevOps Weekly

DevOps Weekly is released every Sunday. It recaps the major news, events and tools from the devops fraternity. As software engineers/developers we are going more full stack. This implies that we should also be aware of the system side of things. DevOps Weekly includes condensed links from docker and containers to monitoring, performance and security.

Other Weeklies

Some of the other weeklies I am subscribed to are:


If you are working with Ruby, python, Android, IOS/Swift or even go lang. The only thing you need to do is Google <your language/framework/CMS here> weekly and subscribe to it. I think you will like the curated links you get each week.

Weeklies have helped me get updated on the technology/language/framework/CMS I use or know. I hope it helps you in the same way. Happy weekly subscribing.