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On 1-Apr-2016 For CodeMotion Dubai 2016 conference I talked about chatOps at Namshi. The main topics of the talk were:

  1. What is chatOps?
  2. Why do chatOps?
  3. How we do chatOps at Namshi
  4. How you can start chatOps in minutes

Embrace chatOps, stop installing deployment software [Slides and Video] (Illustration by Anjan Shrestha -

This post has the slides and the video of the whole talk.

I liked the overall experience of being a conference speaker :). I think the audience also had something new to fiddle around with by the end of the talk.

Speaker at Codemotion Dubai 2016

The speaker lineup for day 1 was very good:

Codemotion Dubai 2016 Speaker lineup

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Talk Abstract

Are you still deploying with capistrano? It is high time to put the chat bots to work. Using chatops to deploy your software gives visibility to all team members. It also gives a consistent interface to deploy. Software Engineers do not need to install any extra software to deploy. Ops is happy because software engineers do not need SSH access to servers anymore. Namshi is a Rocket Internet e-commerce venture in Dubai. At Namshi, we deploy all our apps with chatbots built with hubot. In this session, I will uncover some real life use cases of chat bots at Namshi.

Some lessons learnt

Just a summary:

  1. Don’t be the last speaker of the day, people are already tired and ready to head home :)
  2. Have a useful links slide that you can show towards the end while answering questions.
  3. Content is king. Image intensive or text intensive slides matter less than the real content you want to deliver.

Embrace chatOps, stop installing deployment software [Slides and Video]



(Thanks Prakash for the photo and video)

I hope the talk about chatOps was interesting for you. Cheers!