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Do you write at least 10 lines of code a day in any programming language? Do you work alone or in a team? If your answer is yes to both questions, you need to learn git even if you work alone in a project. Git is the most popular versions control system and it has become a must have software engineer skill.

I have seen teams fall into this trap of git conflicts when they start using git and some type of gitflow. Merging branches to the main branch becomes a pain when there are git conflicts. In this post I am going to reveal 3 simple rules to avoid git conflicts.

3 simple rules for less or no git conflicts

Tests check that the code does what it is expected to do. It also gives confidence to the software engineer that the code works as intended. This equates to less or no bugs in the software. You must have heard about lots of types of automated software tests. There is unit testing, integration testing, functional testing, acceptance testing, smoke testing etc. As per Guru99’s post there are more than 100 types of software testing. In this post I am going to categorize automated software tests into two, the fast ones and not fast ones.

There are only two types of automated software tests, fast ones and not fast ones

In the past months, I was tweeting some insightful and enlightening software engineering proverbs. Like the one below

I browsed through my twitter timeline and collected them in one place.

10 software engineering proverbs-quotes I came up with in past months

Here are the quotes with visuals :