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Being a senior software developer is more about the mindset and pro-activeness. Technical skills can take you to a point then you will be stagnant. To grow you need to learn in tech field. Above was the context for my talk titled "Things I wished I knew as a junior developer".

Me speaking about Things I wished I knew as a junior developer at DN Meetup 4

Main points #

It mainly highlights the 10 points below:

  1. Solutions and value to business is much more important than the latest language/framework.
  2. Be strong in the basics.
  3. First, solve the problem. Then, write the code. - John Johnson
  4. Writing simple and clear code is more difficult than writing magic code.
  5. Code reviews help both the reviewer and reviewee.
  6. (Automated) Testing is easier than debugging.
  7. Automation is King.
  8. Application logs + monitoring save your sleep.
  9. Non tech things are very important like proactive communication, being on time etc.
  10. You might not need that abstraction - like an ORM.

Slides #

I gave this talk on 4-Feb-2017 for Developers Nepal Meetup #4, the slides are below:

You can also view the slides on slideshare.

Video #

The video of the talk is below:

Meetup Report #

There were lots of participants making it a really good opportunity to network.

Participants at DN Meetup 4

It was great meetup to attend, speak and moderate the panel discussion.

Open discussion panelists at DN Meetup 4

If you are interested more about the meetup you can view the meetup report on google docs.

More photos of the meetup can be viewed on this album.

I hope you learned something new.