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Non profit and charitable organization always need a backing to be on track and do good for the community and society at large. As they are do not work for profit, covering operation costs can be an issue at times. In this context, if a non profit/not for profit organization can cut down on recurring software cost like Microsoft office, email hosting etc it will be a relief.

Help non profit organizations

Below are 7 services that cost otherwise still are completely free for non profit organizations:

  1. Microsoft Office 365
  2. Google Apps (email, drive etc), Ad Grants, Youtube
  3. Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, Hipchat etc Community License
  4. Podio - Hosted Project Management Software * does not mention plan
  5. Animoto - Create Video for free * does not mention plan
  6. Github Bronze Plan
  7. CodeClimate Team Plan - Automated code review for Ruby, JS, and PHP

If you are an employee in a non profit organization it is time you go up to your senior and say that the email hosting cost can be brought to 0 because we can use Google Apps for free. It is very good thing to witness that not only big companies but even smaller start-ups are giving their services for free.

This is a contribution to non profit organizations by informing them that they can get lots of useful services at no cost which can otherwise cost them hundreds of dollars each year. If you know of any more software or SAAS, please add it in the comments. Lets #doGood.