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"It was great doing business with you, I hope your new website will help you to attract more business.",
you generally tell these words when you handover the completed website to your client. Businesses build websites to gain more work or if it's an online business then the whole business depends on it. In any case as developers who build websites, using technology we enable clients to meet their business goals. In this context, as a web shop if you can provide something more for free to your clients it would add value to your service and a bigger smile on your client's faces.

Free site services

I am not referring to the obvious free add ons like Google Analytics or doing some basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with initial sitemap submission to
Google Search Console. They should be taken for granted for each website you develop. These are things that needs to be done for each website you build as a great web shop. Having a solid back-end (if need be) and a great user experience (UX) will make your clients happy, following the tips below will make them even happier.

Automatically report any downtime #

As a new business whose website is launched to production it would be a concern to make sure it is up and
running 24/7. For this use a free service like uptime robot. You can setup 50 monitors
for free that ping a url, check ports or even scan for keywords on the given website every 5 mins.

Automatically report downtime with uptimerobot

As a web shop, if you setup monitors for all your websites it will be easier to manage from the same account.
Depending on your location you can setup SMS alerts. If you use pushbullet you can
setup alerts with push bullet.

If you provide web hosting for your clients it will help alert that the website is down via email. Only reporting
downtime is surely not enough, it is your chance to prove yourself by providing world class service and fixing
the issue as soon as possible.

Google Analytics report as infographics #

As mentioned earlier you have added free Google Analytics tracking for client's website, still the client might
not be proactive to check it now and then. Why not provide them with a digest of the analytics tracking information
via email as infographics. You can do it using GA, which takes less than a minute
to setup and you get great visualization of major Google Analytics data delivered to their inbox every week.

Communicate Google Analytics Report as infographics

The report informs about page views, visitor information etc. For full reports your clients can always go to
the main Google Analytics website or use the app to check site analytics information
on the go.

Free Dashboard with key website metrics #

If my website just went live, I would love to see some key metrics about my website on a single screen, a
dashboard. Information like is the website up now, how many people are currently on the website, how many page
views did the website get yesterday etc would help.

Show major site metrics on a dashboard

To portray such information you should utilize Freeboard. Get the latest version of Freeboard
from github and host it on your own or on something like,
password protect it and load necessary data with some code changes.

A basic dashboard should be given free, if the client wants more you should bill it.

Conspire email report - Bonus #

If your client uses Gmail or Google Apps for email you could suggest and help setup a weekly report of their
email contacts and email usage behavior using Conspire - .

Email reports with conspire

It helps to analyze who you contacted the most in the past week and who you are losing touch with.
It also informs about how long you and your contacts took to reply to emails. Your clients can use conspire to
connect with new people and expand their businesses.

I hope these tools help you provide valuable add-ons free to your clients, to retain your clients or earn
referrals from them and eventually expand your web shop.