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Call them programmers or developers or software engineers, in this technology centered world, your life is a easier also because of them. If you notice you are addicted to technology in all aspects of your life now a days, you wake up when the alarm app rings on your phone, all day at work you are constantly checking email, after work you connect with your friends on facebook, before sleeping you browse through the news. All these activities are possible because one or more programmers wrote some working code and released the application that you are using on your desktop, laptop, mobile etc.

It is structured words like the one you see below that is changing how we live in the current times.

How do programmers make the world go round?

You just beeped your smart card at the metro/train station entrance, it showed you the current balance n the card on the small screen, how? Someone coded the software for the embedded system to detect the NFC chip and saved your valuable time and effort. There are other countless examples on every nook and corner you go today. You are able to catch up to the fast paced life because someone thought of a software solution to a problem and other people spent hours coding the right solution for it.

When I worked for a Travel reporting system for UNICEF in Kathmandu, Nepal, it was a pleasure to know that after implementing the new system the reimbursement of travel expenses was 40% faster. I think each programmer/developer/software engineer whose project has gone live has one or more similar experiences.

Due respect to other professionals

Surely it is only only about programmers, like doctors save lives, engineers help build houses, pilots fly the plane. If you look at any profession software has changed how things are done now and how it was done some years back. Think of a banker who had to record all data on paper registers, now can simply enter the data to this awesome system and it is reported till the balance sheet. 

I would also like to convey my due respect to all other tech related jobs including systems analysts, project managers, data architects, system administrators they are all very important parts of the puzzle.   

We need more programmers a.k.a super hero world changers :)

I watched the video below some times back and I think people should know that their live is a bit more easy because great ideas were successfully executed by talented programmers.

Computers are everywhere in all fields, so we will be needing more rock stars (programmers) who can transform from ideas on papers to real life applications that can be used by many people.

Programmers are addicted to code

Starting to code is not easy and taking it as a profession does require lots of passion, determination and devotion. It takes lots of learning with hours and hours of thinking and making things work. After you pass the initial phase of how do I make it work then you start getting addicted to coding. It is an amazing feeling that you can build something and you dive deeper into it. It requires lots of problem solving and creativity to get things done and get it done right. I recently read ”How I hacked my husband’s code addiction” which explains how programmers behave at times.

All in all it is this passion and addition to code which keeps programmers glued to their machines hours on hours to come up with something productive and useful. That mobile app you think is helping you a lot was build by some programmers who had to go through lots of hard work to get the thing working. So respect the devotion, time and effort put in by programmers and other tech professionals.

Programmers deserve a big thank you

Regardless of the language used, the product platform or the audience scope, all programmers deserve a big thank you. Thanks for all the free apps I got to use, for the endless long hours programmers have put to get things work, ripping your hair off to make that test pass and seeing the tests turn green at midnight,  for all the free and open source code that helped all other programmers. Hats off to your hard work. Keep up the good work and making the world a better place.