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From the last time I blogged it has not changed much for the most popular brands and people on Facebook. Age group of 18-24 account for almost 50% of Nepali Facebook users and 67.7% of all users are men so only 1/3 users are female. The top 3 brands in Nepal on Facebook are the same as 6 months before still Australian Education & Career Consultants has overtaken to come to No. 2 position and NCell came out at top as the last time.

This kind of analysis should have been done by a social media analyst company, but I doubt if there are any online marketing companies in Nepal which do such analysis. Anyways, Sajha Sawal and BBC Nepali have emerged as the most liked Facebook pages for entertainment and media category respectively. Looks like BBC is very popular in Nepal. Below the infographic will reveal all the details:

Link to the infographic page. You can use this infographic, please give credits.

Some other facts about what Nepalis like (local fans) on Facebook (source : :

  1. Gagan Thapa is the most popular in politics category in Nepal with 150722 fans, it could be the after effects of the second Constituent Assembly elections.
  2. Only Hari Bansha Aacharya (312697 likes) and Malvika Subba (250628 likes) are two Nepali celebrities in the 10 liked celebrities in Nepal.
  3. CricNepal is the only Nepali page which made it in top 10 sports pages with 155819 likes at number 3.
  4. Thamel is the most popular place for checking in with 11017 check-ins.
  5. Except of Sajah Sawal at number 1 with 267509 likes, there is no Nepali page or film or artist in entertainment category top 10.
The Facebook likes by Nepali people are similar to what it was 6 months back, its better to see Nepali people liking more Nepali media and personalities than foreign ones.