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It will not be a surprise that 75 % of Nepali Facebook users are between the age of 18-34 (where 18-24 are 48% and 25-34 are 27% - source So what do you think are the most popular brands on Facebook in Nepal in terms of local (Nepali) fans, below are the details in an infographic:

Link to the infographic page. You can use this infographic, please give credits. 

Some other facts about what Nepalis like (local fans) on Facebook (source : :
  1. Hari Bansa Acharya with 206137 (not Rajesh Hamal) is the only Nepali celebrity in the list of top 10 Nepali celebrities on Facebook. 
  2. There are no Nepali sports stars in the top 10 List, Paras Khadka has 27267 likes.
  3. There is not even a single Nepali film (not even Loot) in the top 10 list in entertainment.
  4. Zoom TV has almost 100,000 more likes from Nepali people than E-Kantipur having 155524 local fans.
  5. Gagan Thapa is the only politician in the Top 10 list with 62976 local fans. (We surely hate our politicians.)

We Nepalis really live in the past decade or even earlier and we refrain from liking our own celebrities, sports stars and movies. Jai Nepal.