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It has been over 6 months I switched from an iPhone to an Android phone. In terms of Android as a mobile OS I have mixed feelings somethings are good and some not as good as iOS. Anyways I am not a big Apple fan but their products are very good and specially the gel between the hardware and software is unmatched.

In this post I am not going to recommend the regular apps almost all Android users will have like Facebook, Twitter, Skype to name some. On the contrary I will recommend some great finds or recommendations that I am using and have high utility to me. Here are the 5 must have Android apps:

The Hit list of unique and useful Android apps

1. Prepay Balance Widget

This android app makes it very easy to know your prepaid balance/credit, your current balance is a widget and evidently visible on your home or other screens. As they name says its a widget and for the free version you need to touch the widget for updates. The initial setup can be tricky but you need to play around with the settings to get the right widget. You can get the app and use it check it in action below:

2. AirDroid

AirDroid enables you to transfer files between your phone and your laptop (or other machine with a browser) by making your phone a local web server protected with a access key. Imagine you are at your friend’s place you need that file on your phone from your friend’s laptop but there are not cables around, AirDroid is your friend. It performs pretty well even for big files.

3. SMS Backup +

This handy app posts all your SMS and call logs to your Gmail organizing it appropriately in Labels like SMS and Call Log. Easy setup and clear settings like auto sync frequency makes using this app a breeze. With SMS Backup + you will never loose a call log or sms and its even very useful when you switch your phone to restore your SMS.

4. My Data Manager

My Data Manager works like a charm when it comes to measuring your data usage for both Wi-Fi data and mobile data. The interactive charts are great and the prediction of how much data you will use is also a very nice feature. You can choose to see the usage by day, hour or even Wi-Fi and or mobile data. My Data Manger will really help you choose your data plan and manage your daily data usage. It is quite accurate on measuring the data usage.

5. Classic Notes Lite + App Box

If you liked the Notes app of iOS like I did and miss it in Android then this is the app for you. Classic Notes lite is like the old Notes app of iOS and even more you can add a checklist as well. Its a very handy and useful Notes app for Android. It has a lot of features which I have to find out as well.

I can recommend the above apps which come in very useful and properly serve its purpose. I also like other Nepali Android apps like load shedding schedule, nLocate, NepalKhabar to list some.  If you have any recommendation for great apps do mention them in comments, thanks.