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Some days back we recorded the first YoungInnovations Private Limited (YIPL) podcast. It was a great experience laughing at our mistakes and seeing each other get stuck when speaking. But overall it was a great experience, we recorded on Content Management System (CMS), why use a CMS, advantages and disadvantages of using a CMS and a simple comparison of the top 3 web CMSes.

(Photo by Zoomar on Flickr)

You can listen to the podcast below, it is hosted by Rabindra Gurung and Me and Prashant Shrestha are the panellist for the discussion :

Read the official blog post about why we started the podcast, who is the audience and what we are going to focus in the podcast. You can listen to the podcast and download it from the YIPL website. Feeback, comments and suggestion are welcome.

Hope you like the podcast and give us your valuable comments and suggestions.



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