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Surfing through some website, I found a good flash gallery that was displaying images. I thought it was a good gallery and then came to find out the images are ported from Flickr. So I just wanted to find out how was it made, to my delight it was work of

The PictoBuilder that lets you customize the flash slideshow kind picture gallery is also very easy to use. Just put your screen name, select sets or tags or groups and off you go to create your gallery. Its very easy to get a gallery in under a minute :).

Simple to understand and easy settings make PictoBrower a very good application to try out. Here is the gallery I created.

Get the flash player here:

I have got some suggestions and improvements for PictoBrowser. Here are some:
  1. Enable choosing the cover picture, the one that displays at first
  2. Enable reordering the pictures for better presentation.
  3. No. of seconds to display a picture in the slideshow
  4. If possible some subtle effects in photo transition in the slideshow
  5. Integration with other photo hosting websites like Photo Bucket etc and  Facebook or other social networking websites.
The flash interface to create the gallery is good. PictoBrowser is the kind of applicaiton I was searching for.

All in all, a very simple yet elegant flash image gallery for your Flickr and Picasa pictures. One you should try out and put it on your website.