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Nowadays TV is infested with reality shows, people are singing, dancing, traveling thousands of kilometers to even marrying on TV. Some for money some for fame and some for I don’t know what. But why are producers at NDTV Imagine going mad dragging innocent infants and babies who can’t even speak in their new reality TV show “Pati Patni Aur Woh”.(The link has videos, behind the scenes and a forum as well)

I strongly object the concept of the show where I can’t determine who are the bigger fools the parents who agree to give their baby to be mishandled by celebrities or the celebrities who think they can take care of other’s baby who can’t even talk.

Pati patni or woh, is a disgusting show on TV where real parents of the baby give manuals about the baby that has the likes, dislikes of the baby and even how to take care of the baby. I am still confused what do the real parents of babies think of their babies, I guess they think their baby is just a doll who comes with a manual on how to operate and they give the manual to the mad celebrities with whom the baby stays 24 hours. How can a baby who needs to be breast fed live with insane celebrities who have never raised a baby in their life?

The babies were crying like mad, couldn’t even eat or drink, were even gasping for air and the babies were treated like dolls. On top of it a celebrity calls the baby is like a baby of a monkey who just keeps quite in her hands and starts crying as soon as the baby is separated from her. Why did she come to do a show without calculating the repercussions.

I was again amazed to see how a mother could see her baby crying on the monitor and cry herself helpless. In the first place why did she let her small baby get in the hands of those celebrities. I thought Bindass Dadagiri was inhumane but this is truly pathetic. Al least the people there are adults who can be said things but here the dependent babies can’t even contest on what is happening on them.

Insane, inhumane and cruel, the celebrities don’t even have time to fight with themselves to sort who’s going to do what. I am not a child right activist but what are the child right activists who even objected on children acting on shows are allowing such a heinous show to run and air on TV. I want to make a really humble request “Keep the small babies who can’t even speak out of the dirty drama of reality TV”.

Without doubts this was the most atrocious show ever, If this blog post can make a difference I hope the show goes off air and we don’t get to see the nonsense on TV. The best thing if this show goes off air will be the babies will get to live with their parents and not go through the torture from the hands of those celebrities. When I Googled it,there has been other criticism about this show, I will really want it to go off air ASAP. You can watch the show on your own risk.