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In the past years Nepal has been hit very hard by the impacts of climate change. Being a land locked country and with places ranging from almost the sea level to the highest place on the planet, the country has great biodiversity and breathtaking landscapes. But rising pollution levels in the cities and low awareness about impacts of climate change has taken its toll mainly on the people who live in and near by cities.

A prominent problem Nepali is facing is global warming, due to which the glaciers are melting at an alarming rate. The whole himalayan range and the region is in danger due to the fast melt down of the ice in the region. The region is facing rise in temperature and it is adversely affecting the lifestyle.

 Photo by Enderzero

The agriculture sector has also been hit badly , due to the climate change previously nearby Kathmandu (the capital city) farmers could grow apple. But now due to the climate change farmers can’t grow apple as the temperature has risen in the past decade. Other agriculture products have also change in nature, a country that depends very much on agriculture this is big loss. Nowadays, plants like mango that did not grow in Kathmandu being cooler grows here due to the rising mercury. Mangoes only grew in terai (the hotter region) but now it grows in and around Kathmandu which is not a good sign.

Photo by: nromagna

There are lots of other areas that are hit by the climate change, untimely rain, persistent floods and landslides, prolonged summer, carbon emissions etc etc are all the outcomes of climate change. With better awareness level and better understanding of climate change, its causes and effects we can to certain level prevent the adverse effects and look forward for a sustainable world on the whole.

Small but good efforts have been made by the people like not using plastic bags may be a small thing but it will help in tacking the global problem of climate change. If we can just plug out our electronic appliances when we are not in our home it will also help to minimize the effects.

Photo by Barbara Rich

I truly hope we all can come together and tackle the global problem of climate change. It may be growing problem but small things we do can reduce the effects :). Support Blog Action day 2009.