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VIPRE with a snake (viper) on the logo and a unique slogan “Keep the bad guys out” seems to be a very good antivirus and antispyware solution. Developed by Sunbelt Software, VIPRE has won accolades and formidable reviews from PC Magazine and ZDNet. It is packed with lots of interesting features that will make you want to use it.

VIPRE is an Antivirus Software which claims it will not slow down your PC or laptop as other antivirus software do and will give full protection against email related threats. The comparison chart in the Sunbelt Software shows VIPRE will take up very less memory and will provide great after sales support by phone, email and chat.
The VIPRE Antivirus Software can be tried free of cost for 15 days trial without registering and if you register you get a key that works for 30 days. If you like the features provided by the product and want to buy the software you can do that as well. VIPRE antivirus costs $29.95 for a single PC, $36.96 for two PCs and $49.95 for three or more PCs. The cost seems to quite reasonable for the features provided by the product.

So the next time, you want to change your Antivirus Software to something with lots of features and small file sized updates, think of switching to VIPRE by Sunbelt Software.