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In search for colleges/universities providing masters course I searched the internet for many colleges, a common problem in colleges or universities that are continents away from where I am is the lengthy application procedure. As per the college/university an international student had to send simple or even legally certified copies and that also via mail. And yes the G.P.O here in Nepal is not in a good state take my word on it.

A normal process would be check the requirements of the university/college and then download the application generally a PDF file. Then fill it which requires educational and lots of personal details. If need be write a formidable letter of motivation.

Then make a copy of all needed academic results and certificates, if need be certify them from the consulate or embassy or educational foundation or even a lawyer. Recheck things and go to the General Post Office (G.P.O) to send the things. Thank god, there are not as much people to post things and take other G.P.O services as in other government offices. Then wait for the university to email you that they received what you sent. Not only that there are lots of problems in filling applications like we have +2 they say high school etc etc.

But in this day and age of technology where many colleges/universities provide E-degree with E-learning why do they still follow centuries old technology of post. Yes, there are some colleges/universities which have e-application specially for international students in their website but many colleges/universities still require a student to post the application a wait at least a week to get it even via Express Mail Service (EMS).

There is a ray of hope, some select colleges/universities have online e-application which they also terms web application. This lets you fill you details on line and you just have to fill the basic details at one go. You can return back and fill other things and upload your documents as per the things allowed. One I encountered was simple yet effective, given below:
On the contrary, only a select few have the online e-application and a big problem is most universities do not accept scanned documents via email. I know there might be cases of forgery and things but it will be very easy for genuine international students to send their applications scanned via email even with his/her signature.

Three suggestions to colleges/universities

  • Accept scanned application and other academic documents via email.
  • If possible setup an e-application section in the college/university website
  • Have a virtual adviser who has all the information from small details to fill in form to the name of the professor like Dany (click the link or ask Dany about Studying in Germany).

Hope colleges/universities make their application procedure digital or at least accept scanned applications and documents via email, that will help applying for foreign university to be part time work which is almost full time now.