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Saturday morning, woke up late and what a day to relax as its a holiday. Then the usual thing flipped through a daily (let’s not name which ;) but you can find out if you have seen it yesterday from the picture below). Then got my eyes set on a review a movie review, my eyes ran through it, it was not a long one but it left me dissatisfied for sure.
I am not a movie buff nor do I follow all movies but at times I do read movie reviews. I read movie reviews to know how the movie is and also to know how its written. As far as I read about reviews and how to write them a review should talk about all the aspects of the product/service the review is of. But to my surprise I don’t know why, mainly the reviews I read in news papers are just not satisfying. Even some I read online are not good as well.
I believe people will flock the theaters if they find good words given by great movie reviewers/critic like Taran Adarsh.

Lets look at what regular reviews are focused on:

  1. Some parts of the story is revealed
  2. Some comments on central characters are made
  3. Some suggestions on acting skills are given
  4. Some dress up sense and fashionista advice is showered.
  5. May be some things on the music, location and similar things.
I don’t think it is justified, a movie is very big thing there are lots of people behind a movie. Why don’t so many people even don’t get mentioned for their work. I know all can’t be listed but some major ones who don’t appear on the screen deserve some compliments, comments and suggestions.

Reviewers/critics should also write about following things:

  1. How well did the choreographer do?
  2. How was the background music and were the songs aptly placed etc?
  3. How well did the supporting characters supported the screenplay?
  4. Any real flaws in the story?
  5. How as the pace of the movie? how could it have been made better?
  6. All other technical aspects editing, special effects use, sound things, camera angles?
  7. Cast selection, comparisons etc…
  8. the list can be endless but there are other things to write not just the central characters and the script/story.
Having said that, most people just read the regular reviews that I read. They just want to read how the actors look in the movie, whats the plot of the movie. I sense it is the reason such reviews are written and will be written.

Most reviews I read are like a rubber stamp, I may be wrong, there may be outstanding critics who see what most of us miss but I urge them to write it down as well. I guess this may being the change in writing better and ingenious review which stand out and do justice.