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Browsing through some Drupal themes, I found some great designed themes for Drupal 6. I will let the themes speak for themselves :). Amongst them here are my top 5 picks in alphabetical order (links open in new window/tab):

  1. Acquia Slate: is by made Acquia with TopNotchThemes. It is very flexible theme with 14 block regions and lots of cool settings. Like Acquia Marina it is a great theme for blogs as well. Get it at:

  2. Agregado: is a very cool looking dark theme. It looks very clean and elegeant and will surely be a great fit for a blog. Find it at:

  3. Color Paper: Yet another great theme for a blog, it has different color variations as well. This theme looks good but the title area can be made better. I am using this for my blog at my Drupal site here. Get at:

  4. Magazeen: is yet another bloggish 2 column theme. The section below header is the USP of this theme. Clean, simple and elegant, this theme has a good color combination of dark header and bright body. You can make it yours at :

  5. Waffles: is a theme based on Acquia Marina, looks somewhat like it. The header is different and there is a header without the girl ;). It is a flexible design, and with 15 block regions it gives you 1-3 column layout. Get the theme at:

I hope you like my selection of cool and refreshing new themes for Drupal 6. Only one problem, almost all themes are for blogs, when will Drupal have great free multipurpose themes?