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We Nepalis being tagged one of the poorest in the world pay one of the highest fee for internet, which is 34 times more than the United Kingdom and 10 times more then the United States. When fast internet be possible and available in really cheap prices like in the rest of the world?

Recently I glanced at an Ad. by Virgin Media boasting 50Mb/s speed at just € 50 a month, I was amazed. Using an internet connection that is just 125 Kb/s or 256Kb/s here in Nepal I thought those people in the UK are very lucky. Then to my surprise I saw this story at MyRepublica (they badly need a design change) telling Nepal Telecom go for next generation network for fixed lines. (Important information 1KBps= 8 Kbps, as 1Byte = 8bits)
*NC = Nepali Currency (Rs.)

With these two extreme points I kept thinking what may be the prices of internet in the world and what are we Nepalis and Kathmanduietes paying in comparision to the developed nations. I just got hold of some mind boggling data I’m presenting below:

*If there are any mathematical errors, its because I”m amazed.

In the context when Wikipedia lists Broadband penetration as an economic indicator here - ”Economic indicators include various indices, earnings reports, and economic summaries, such as unemployment, housing starts, Consumer Price Index (a measure for inflation), industrial production, bankruptcies, Gross Domestic Product, broadband internet penetration, retail sales, stock market prices, and money supply changes.” why are we lagging behind on high speed but still cheap internet???

Due to the slow internet we are not able to upload and download big files. If a client sends a file more that 10 Mb we have to schedule our time to download it and on top of it the load shedding is shredding our productivity. Video conference and video chat is also out of our reach. Downloading video from sites like youtube takes ages. We are not able to take up work that require a fast internet connection as we are paying 10 times more than the standard competitive rates in the United States.

Yes we have around 2 dozen ISPs but all depend on the main provider NT (Nepal Telecom) and none are in the race to make the internet faster and cheaper. I guess they just are concerned of their profit and not the development of internet. Oh I almost forgot the government’s plan of fiber optic highway is another distant dream.
Let’s hope the ISPs in Nepal stop looking at their profit and help in availability of really fast and cheap internet that in turn can really boost Nepal’s economy.

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