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Have you been wondering lately, how will your files be secure and backed up? Is there good backup and security policy for files in my company? Then relax a bit. You don’t need to setup very expensive and resource demanding file servers, there are solutions that cater your file sharing needs. A feature rich name that stands out among these is Egnyte which is a file sharing software.
Egnyte is an easy to use file sharing solution which has needed features like storing, sharing and backing up files with focus on security and privacy. You will be able to search needed files, collaborate on same documents without the need of extra hardware or even human resource to take care of your file sharing needs.

Egnyte the file sharing software also offers a trial version of 15 days and if you like the service then you can use Egnyte. The cost for the service is depicted below:
The cost seems quite justified for the range of features provided. For your convenience Egnyte also provides access from mobile devices, here you can learn more about how mobile access to your files will help you reap more benefits. If you want to explore more about the service see this page which defines about the product demo.

Using these kinds of services one thing that always concerns customers is security. Egnyte confirms clients of hardware security, full access control over files and network security with very good encryption. This will make your decision to use this service easier.

Forget about buying a new file server, try your hands on new software as a service (SAAS) solution like Egnyte, you will be happy with the outcome.