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It’s my MTV and now the MTV U revolution has taken the music television domain by storm in India. MTV India is without doubts one of the most popular and youth oriented music channel why don’t we have such a youth oriented music channel in our own country?

After the ground breaking Jana Andolan 1 of the 1990, there was a burst of print media that broke the monopoly of Gorakhapatra then. We saw the advent of dailies like Kantipur and Nepal Samacharpatra and others to mark the commencement of democracy in Nepal. Similarly after the win of the people in Jana Andolan 2 in 2006, and the start of peace process we witnessed the dawn of News channels in Nepal with launch of Avenues TV and Sagarmatha TV around a year back.

Recently a new news channel ABC (Accuracy Balance Credibility) has been added to the news channel bunch. They are doing a commendable job, hats off to all their valuable work and making people aware of different activates and educating people about various issues.

Though Channel Nepal broke the monopoly of Nepal Television and the start of Image channel, Kantipur TV, Nepal 1 (not so Nepali channel) and NTV 2 Metro served news and entertainment in mixed proportions opened new doors, we are in need of a good music channel for sure. A news report claims there are twelve more channels in the pipeline.

Some channels to hit our TV screens in near future are Namaste TV (entertainment and sports centered), Moonlight TV (Based on development journalism), Citizen TV, Everest TV and S.K TV to name some. But the problem is in this new changed situation of comparative peace and harmony there is not a single channel to promote Nepali music. A fully music centered channel that servers entertainment 24x7 has amazing business prospect, so why not MTV Nepal?

Music Television is an American cable television network based in New York City. Launched on August 1, 1981, around sixty countries have their own MTV including India and China. So MTV Nepal could be a great music channel that gives the right entertainment and music dose to Nepal. MTV without arguments has revolutionized the music industry mainly the bond between youths, adolescents and MTV became strong with slogans like “Its My MTV” and the non musical programs being very youth oriented and things they can relate to very easily.

MTV plays different genres of music but these days pop music and rap music have taken the main stream in world scenario. MTV has a long history of promoting social, political, and environmental activism in young people. So rather than watching a news and getting to the crux of the matter young people would like to know about political, social, environmental issues in more gullible form as provided by MTV. This will also help the development of the country.

Our neighboring country India has around thirty music channels, with many regional ones but we till now have 3 news channels and not even a single entertainment and music focused channel. A music channel in many rights will help revive the slowing down music industry of our country. Yes there exists the problems of copyright and various other problems, there is no shortage of media in our country at this point in time but a music channel can be the cherry on the cake at this situation.

Good products and services always stand out, if there are programs that support youth participation in our can be MTV Nepal then it will be a great success. Programs like MTV wassup, It’s my MTV, On the Job, Style Check will help to uplift the popularity of the channels among Nepali youth. Unbiased countdowns, truthful reviews, speedy event coverage presented in a short and punchy way will strike the right chords in the Nepali youth crowd. This does not mean there is less space for new ideas but the above programs will surely help to get the word out on MTV Nepal.

There has not been any such program in the channels that air now where youth can really relate to. There are exceptional talk shows, sports shows that give good details but most lack viewer participation. On the other hand the channels have to compete with Indian and other channels which are in this business from years and we are just entering the TV zone, in this concern MTV India itself started twelve years back in 1996.

Sahenndra Shrestha, executive producer at Image Channel, a veteran of Nepali music industry in his own right is in this industry from the past 15 years. Recollecting the days when he and other guys started Image’s program in 2053 B.S, they wanted to break the trend of music video shot only by Nepal Television then.

He sees a big need of a 24 hour music channel in Nepal and thinks youth oriented programs and channels can make a mark in this era. Currently producing programs like Music of Your Choice, SMS and More, Top of the Pops and Party central to name some, he adds “the feasibility and sustainability of a music channel will depend on marketing and advertisements.”

“Like our program Music of Your Choice is being sponsored mainly by a multinational company Coke. If a new music channels have good sponsors who can support them then a 24 hour music channel will be very good.” He says a big yes to youth, music and entertainment focused channel for the future but has doubts about the return on initial investment. He visions this as a long term game where profit is sure but will take time,

No doubts that is this political scenario News channels are watched most of the time. Youths like us who never switched on a news channel have started having a look at the latest news. This has led to more advertisement in news and the sponsors for entertainment and music programs have decreased in some form.

Finally, I believe we are not in need of another News channel but we are in acute need of a music channel. It will put Nepali music in priority but also serve Indian and English music for the added advantage. Let’s hope we get to watch MTV Nepal in near future.

Geshan Manandhar