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Recently I had to find the statistics of domain registration (top level) and world internet usage statistics for the past 5 years for a comparative analysis. I'm not a researcher or statistician but making it available for all who need it will help I guess. After searching on the internet for 3 days I got hold of some stats that I'm presenting below:

Below is the number of top level domains registered between 2004 to 2008 (Nov 21). It will be helpful information to you that there are around 107 million domains now. Data source from

Similarly the internet usage has also grown in the past years, the chart shows the growth:
Data source are many web pages from
You can get the comparison spreadsheet below:
Domain Registration and Internet Use Stats in past 5 years (04-08)

Hope you find these statistics useful. You can use it in your presentation and add value to your presentation or report.