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With the use of Digital cameras we have become more photo friendly and less camera shy. Now even mobiles have cameras so getting a picture of someone or catching that “must click” moment is just some steps away.

There may be lots and lost of digital photos you take. After you take the photos you connect your USB cable and copy the photos to your laptop. I suggest keeping them in folders with year/month/date-you-took-those-photos folder for better organization of your photos. A simple example is given below:

After you have copied your photos to your laptop you can use various software to reduce the size and make the photos web and upload friendly. Like in above example I’ve folder like name_date_small that has the smaller version of the photos I snapped of 600x480 pixels which are small in size and very upload friendly.

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Next time you snap some pictures do save them in appropriate folders so you get them when you need them.