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I was in search for websites that let me upload audio files mainly MP3 and embed them to where ever I want with the provided embed code. Similar to the massively popular youtube for video, I was trying to find youtube like sites for audio.

After failing to register at and had a suspended page my hopes were low. But then I found 4 great free sites to host my audio files, they are as follows:

1. is a good option with AJAX upload and a good looking player. It has volume options and like youtube shows related audio clips. There exists options of play-list and the sites scores high on usability and clarity of work flow, you can also add a picture/avatar for each sound file. Tracks seem to take a little more time to process. You have to register to be able to upload files. Have a look at the player provided below:

2. is another site that also has a good collection of audio files. With its AJAXy interface it is also a good one to have a look at. This site also takes some time to process the file. Entrotainment has an API and lots of features so this might be a good bet as well. Here also you have to register to reap the benefits. It has 3 kinds of playes to choose from: blog card, inline player and regular player. See the player of this site below, this is the regular one.

3. is the next site which also seems to have lost of files in its repository. Mainly functioning like a site to listen to different types of music GoEar has a minimalistic design. It has a good upload speed and the player has a balance option with the regular volume options. You have to register to upload files. Check out the player below:

4. another site fully immersed in green. It is also a good site but the player seem too greeny. This site also has many clips to listen to and embed. It also has a good upload and clips are added fast. You must register to upload files as above options. See below the player:

There are other sites like but it seems like a social networking site that allows embedding audio.

Hope you like the collection and start podcasting or embedding audio files without thinking about space and bandwidth problems. None of the site mention particular space, length of files and bandwidth provided so its a question mark there as well.

Happy podcasting.

All the links at