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Nepal a land locked, Himalayan country now a Republic but still comes in the list of the Top 40 poorest countries in the world. Assumed the poorest in South Asia, Nepal has lots to do to become economically stable and then able.

Wikipedia here, claims “Agriculture remains Nepal’s principal economic activity, employing 80% of the population and providing 37% of GDP “, so still Nepal is primarily an agricultural country with loads of possibility in Tourism. Housing 8 of the 14 highest peaks in the world, including Mt. Everest the highest one, with countless picturesque landscapes, lakes, hills etc. Not only natural beauty, Nepal is rich in culture, history and diversity. When will we be tagged a Tourism Oriented country? It will certainly help Nepal fight poverty.

Other than Tourism there are various sectors like technology for instance. Nepal may not boom in manufacturing as it does not have a solid base but in service industry Nepal can excel. If a very good Public Private Partnership (PPP) model is used and with full commitment from all concerned parties it wont be long when the percent of people below poverty line comes to a single digit.

Without doubts there are various other sectors Nepal can excel and fight poverty, let’s first hope for a stable political situation then the economic boom can be achieved.