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I was just going thru some news from my Google Reader about Nepal. I stumbled upon a news about today’s protest at Reuters , one of the most trusted news sources. But amazingly it was put under India, see below: (click on the picture to get a better view, all pictures open in new tab/window)
Then I thought if Reuters a British based news service and former financial market data provider that provides reports from around the world to newspapers and broadcasters puts Nepal’s news under India category then what picture will the world have about Nepal?? So I contacted Reuters about this here in the corrections page.

Moreover, the story ends with a link to a blog like below:
So I See the blog page, it does not have a single post with the word Nepal, as seen below (click on picture to have a better view):

Then I contacted Reuters as below (Click on picture for a better view):
Again another news I read in here, the news was under the category “India & Pakistan”, see below:
So I contacted as well with similar writing as above, and got the following ticket:
TicketID: W00311248970528373600
Status: Waiting
Summary: Why News of Nepal Placed under India & Pakistan Category

I will inform in comments about the reactions? I don’t know how many other news websites and TV channels etc still try to portray Nepal as an Indian state but we must try to establish our own identity.

Why is Nepal just free in words, not in action?