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The temperate but exuberant promos mark the coming of the second super hero in bollywood “Drona” which has one similarity with the first one Priyanka. Drona may be one of the most awaited releases of this year, let’s scrutinize the music of Drona sewn into the movie by Dhruv Ghanekar. All the lyrics have been penned by Viabhav Modi a new name in the music scene of Indian tinsel town.

The compilation makes a promising start with the title track itself “Drona”; it’s effortlessly vocalized by the music director himself Dhruv and back vocals are given by Sunidhi Chauhan. On the first listen I was confused if it was the Maestro Rahman singing but to my surprise it was Dhruv. Well the voice is narcotic and the music grabs you from the word go but the lyrics are just about average. The next number is “Oop Cha” crooned with full justice to the innovative music by Sunidhi Chauhan with contributions from Nandini and Dhruv. The composition is mediocre but the arrangement keep the momentum going the use of modern synthetic sound throughout the song makes it stand out. Consequently, my favorite slow track of the album hits the ears “Bandagi” which has been exquisitely rendered by soothing vocals of Sunidhi Chauhan and Roop Kumar Rathod. Its been time we heard from the silk voiced Roop Kumar after Maula Mere but here he does a marvelous job. The notes have been put together is superb fashion by Dhruv and the lyric stands out in this track. Well so to say the change from a modern 4/4 beat song to a semi classical gem has been achieved perfectly. After it Sadhana Sargam voices “Nanhe Nanhe” where back vocals are given by Nandini Shrikar. In the same flow as the previous track this is also a slow track, earthy composition with use of traditional instruments and unsophisticated lyrics this song will be like a slow poison to hit you after some listens.

At track 5, Shaan croons “Khusi” with a big team of back vocals including Suzzanne, Francosis, Dean and Sunaina. The lyric are impish with a person falling in love. Shaan does a great job as usual the music is also up to the mark. It’s a good song overall with the 70’s feel with some fine tuned air instruments. Next is “Drona Redux” sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and back vocals by Dhruv. The song is heavy on percussion and synthetic sounds but lack the pace at some point. It is sure to make you shake a leg though. Finally “Oop Cha Fare play Mix” plays which is vocalized by Sunidhi as the original with Rab by Bob and Omulo and back vocals by Dhruv and Nandini. The mix is a fusion of synthetic sounds and desi beats. Still the pace is not satisfactory.

On the whole the album is heady mix of slow and fast tracks with a mediocre singer selection. Dhruv himself sang a song and gave back vocals in some tracks and Sunidhi as the main singer for the slow track Bandagi could have been bettered. It’s a refreshing change and a new trend to mix slow and fast track this way, a job well done. Grab this album, if you want a different kind of sound hitting your ears.

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Geshan Manandhar