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I recently just surfed through this post at SitePoint, simply it starts like:

Pablo Picasso, the first living artist to be featured in the Louvre, influenced the artistic world in a uniquely original way. So why is he known for saying “Good artists copy, great artists steal”?

It’s true. Picasso really said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” Or at least, since his death in 1973, everyone believes he said that.
Now in this context I surfed 2 sites and amazingly found the design ditto same, I like the design its clean and flexible here are the two sites and below:

I don’t know who stole the design from whom. If its a common template then I just wasted my time but how can two sites have the same theme/look and feel/skin is just a question in my mind. How??? Getting inspired may be a different ball game but ditto copy is….