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Drupal theming is not as easy was it look. Drupal theming system is very flexible and robust but as the no. of modules increase the no. of CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) files also go up this causes problems in theming. The multitude of modules you use can be hard for the themer and changes in last moment is difficult to tackle.

For standard compliant browser’s like Firefox and with use of Firebug theming might not be too hard but IE spoils the soup with all unpredictable output. On top of it the problems attached with fluid layout is a CSS designer’s nightmare. In this context lets have a look at 7 well designed Druapl sites that I came across: (All links open in new window)

1. (Try some Lemon Water :-D)






7. (Last but not the least)

See the sites, see the HTML source of the above sites and use some firebug to know the intricate CSS details :-). Hope it helped you and you will also be able to or at least want to design sites (mainly Drupal) like these. For more mouth watering Drupal Sites see Happy Drupalling.