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When surfing the internet we don’t really care about ads., Google Ad. sense is ubiquitous and we don’t bother about it but I saw 3 ads. that were cool, non obstructive to browsing but still could relay the message as they had to. 2 of them are flash ads. and one is crafted with javascript I guess. Here are the impressive but space adjusted and user focused ads:

1. (Flash Ad).

Ad at Top Left minimized notice the paper ready to flip.

Ad maximized on mouse over only :-).
This ad is great with flash and transparency the flip is so smooth that you cant stop doing it.The reflection is also maintained in a formidable fashion which is a good job done by the flash designer.

2. (Flash Ad.)
This is the minimized form of the ad. Aside header.

Now its maximized on mouse-over.
Its Transition is also smooth but just horizontal. Previously I had seen an ad. here of Sharp that was made in Flash with transparency which just seamlessly layered itself on top of the the header and above some parts of the content below it was great, but this is also good.

3. (JavaScript)
The ad. minimized.

Its Maximized form.
Its like a javascript of version of the first ad. It just overlays a new div/layer on top with more Z-index I guess but there is no transition animation, its like binary on and off.

These ads are impressive, lets think of new ways to put ads. on pages as it is our lifeblood in this knowledge based economy :-). I think its time to innovate more ways to showcase the ads. which help to meet both objectives of the ad. placer and the website surfer.