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This is another hyped about YRF movie to hit the silver screen this April 25. The promos aired are fun and filled with the glamor element. The album art and covers are overflowing with “ishtyle”, the color and typography go in sync with the whole package and help to build the curiosity about the album itself. The recent promos with the stars advocating about the movie itself is quite conventional and overused “pharmoola”. The music is orchestrated by the dynamic duo Vishal and Shekhar but interestingly all the song have different lyricist. A package of Tashan (which I found literally means a blend of style and attitude) has 9 songs this collection has 5 songs no remixes and four dialog intros of the four lead actors. Let’s scrutinize each of the songs one after another.

The album kicks off with “Dil Haara” voiced by Mr. Darde Disco himself Sukhwinder Singh. The lyric for this track is penned by Piyush Mishra and he has done a formidable job, on the music aspect it has got weight. The Arabic kind beats combined with the groovy instrumentation makes this trace easy to like and shake a leg. Next is “Pooja Ka Tashan” where Kareena blabbering extra heavy god like dialog just spoils the party environment created by the previous track. Subsequently “Chhaliya” crooned by Sunidhi Chauhan and Piyush Mishra has music that resembles “Na poocho” from cash in the music department. Keeping the party feel alive this songs also has the 4/4 beats to keep you moving. Lyrics by Anvita Dutt Guptan is just average but Sunidhi has executed the song in a brilliant fashion. Next tashan comes from Saif as “Jimmy Ka Tashan” the dialog is short and interesting . After that, next number is “Dil Dance Maare” to which again Sukhwinder, Udit Narayan and Sunidhi have lent their beautiful voices. The hinglish proper Bihari tone lyrics has been written by Kaushal Munir. This track also has ample percussion with dhol and everything. The synthetic sounds blended with conventional instruments, is a plus about this song. Till now the disco environment is till alive.

At track 6 Akshay perfectly recites “Bacchhan Pande Ka tashan” which depicts his quirky character in the movie. Consequently breaking the groovy atmosphere “Falak tak” with vocals of Udit Narayan and Mahalaxmi Iyer is a signature Vishal Shekhar romantic number. Easy on the tempo and use of conventional instruments with lovely lyrics by Kaushal Munir makes this track stick to your head from the first listen. Next Anil Kapoor utters “Bhaiyyaji Ka Tashan” which presents he is trying very hard to speak some gud English. Consequently the beats are back with “Tashan Mein” which is crooned fantastically by one half of the Vishal Shekahr duo Vishal & Saleem (I guess from the Saleem-Sulaiman duo, they have collaborated in the past as well). Lyrics penned down by multitalented Vishal and Piyush Mishra tries to escalate the curiosity about the characters of the movie. The synthetics sounds and heavy beats still rule this last song as well.

All in all, the movie seems to be “style over substance” and the music is “beats over melody”. If you like dance tracks then this is a must buy for you as if might know that Vishal Shekhar duo has given majority of dance tracks in their previous ventures (Cash for instance). The music is not that good but goes with the overall look of the film and ok to listen for some times only.

Geshan Manandhar
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