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I hope you like this blogger template, well It was not fully made by me. I got a template and changed it to be a “Jimmy Neutron Blogger Template”. You can have its code here. You can put this template in you blog following the steps below. Please change the CSS as necessary to fit your needs. Be very careful you may loose your widgets and text boxes that you already have when you change to a new template/theme so its highly recommended you save your current template then only change to this new template/theme/skin. You should also consider any embedded code in your current template like Google Analytics script or any other website statistics code or things like that. I also recommend not to use pictures whose width exceed 400px it may also cause problems and when posting long URL do consider its length.

Steps to perform to get this theme:
  1. Download the zip file here to your computer.
  2. Unzip it and you’ll get a XML file.
  3. Open the file in an editor like Notepad ++ or Wordpad and copy the contents of the XML file to your “Blogger Dashboard>>Layout>>Edit HTML” page as shown below.
  4. Hit “Preview” and then see it and then only click “Save Template”.
  5. You are done now you’ll get the new template.
  6. You may have to adjust or re-create your widgets :-( {but if you go through the code and compare it with your existing template it won’t be hard to get your widgets as they are ;-), so be careful} and check any scripts you had embedded in your last template/theme/skin.

Then your blog will look like the picture above. You can try a live demo at Happy templating :-).

Geshan Manandhar.