Skip to main content has arguably become the most popular, best enjoyed and celebrated social networking website of current times. The reasons may vary from people to people on why is it so popular some may say the finely tuned easy to use layout, some may add the wealth of applications available for almost everything and all other reasons. But I say it’s the API of facebook that has provoked developers to show their web programming skills and develop an application for a web application (or a website) that is the 7th most visited website according to So if you want to attract instant visitors to your website then develop a facebook app and see the difference. See a comparison of the some popular social networking sites (Courtesy: Google Trends and Facebook Comparison), tops the list.

About 10 very useful facebook apps I use or I’m suggested about are given below, hope you also benefit from these great apps:

1. Blog Friends: If you are a blogger this is a must app for you. You can present your latest blog posts directly in your profile page, not only that you can share and rate others blog posts as well. Add it

2. Wikipedia: is the best thing that has happened for knowledge in recent times, this Encyclopedia 2.0 is a wealth of knowledge that is community powered. Get this app to scan through the things provided in wikipedia. Add it.

3. Feed: RSS has become an integral part of web 2.0 and out daily web surfing. So if you want your favorite RSS feeds served directly in your profile page make use of this great application. Add it.

4. My Flickr: If you user flicker and want to show your Flickr photos on your profile, sorted in a range of ways then this is the app to add. With the flickr API you will be amazed on how this app performs. Add it

5. Send SMS: This is a handy application that shows a box on your profile page from where your friends can SMS you directly so you can get in touch in an instant. Add it or

6. Delicious: If you use delicious then this app helps you you’re your latests bookmarks on your facebook profile page. Very useful and comes in handy to show off your latest bookmarks. Add It.

7. Messenger : A Facebook app that brings together AIM, MSN, Y!, Gtalk and your Facebook username which is a popular web based messaging system. It is the best all in one communication (chat) app. Add it.

8. Fmail: You are seeing your Facebook profile and wondering a new mail might have come in your Gmail inbox, now you can see you Gmail in you profile page thanks to this app. Add it.

9. FotoFlexer: is an online photo editor with dozens of fun and interesting effects, shapes, frames and more. It can be used to morph photos, or even erase people away. It’s fun, easy and free. Add it.

10. MagShow: Create eye catching effects with you photos, you can create great slide shows with mangier with this app. Add it

Those were some of the apps that came in very handy for me while using facebook. There are loads of apps out there so try them and you can write how they feel at the apps pages ;-).

Geshan Manandhar
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