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CCPlus or Creative Commons plus is a new facilitation of license available in the Creative Commons license set. It aims to provide more permission beyond any standard CC License. Lets demystify the jargon, CCPlus (not C++ ) has a basic idea to use a CC license appended with another agreement that provided “more permission”. For some people it would be like gazing at a newspaper advert which consists of that * (conditions apply) after the very catchy line.

The official Creative Commons website’s ( wiki has a note that reads “NOTE: Above, the CC license should link to the human deed and the generic commercial license would link to a place to get a commercial license for a work. The COMMERCIAL LICENSE is generic and should be tailored for specific uses with specific names of copyright holders.” So something immature I make out of this is that you are giving more permission to make the intellectual property commercially viable but keeping the creative commons license as the base license. I hope I am right.

The official site’s summary does try to clarify thing, in addition it exclaims “CC+ architecture gives businesses a simple way to move between the sharing and commercial economies.” I think that’s a very good approach to looking at things. It further says it helps to solve legal, human and technical problems but how I didn’t get the idea clear even after going through the provided PDFs. A thing I could get is that the new approach will allow the people who want more permission to get it from a contact which is mainly a URL.

So this is show it is said that it will work, I write a book or compose a song or make a video I put the desired CC license to it but in addition I also provide a URL that says Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at (ur URL). An important thing is “If you want to adopt CC+, please (1) implement CC+ simple technology on your site, (2) add your project/company name, and (3) let us know!” , so this will enable CC to enlist your project/company name and the good (mainly digital) and notify user of the accompanying commercial license illustrated in the company site itself. Simply it’s a personalized license on top of the standard CC license.

Some adopters and mockups are mentioned in the wiki page. The use cases on the page seem to justify the need and use of CC+ and it as good way to add a custom commercial license to your CC attributed work.

Geshan Manandhar
Around 450 Words