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Want to impress your clients or friends using Drupal with a stylish floating login box, like the one below:

Method 1: Orginally posted at

Link to post: here.

Link to Video: here.

If you use above method you’ll have to code something.

or Method 2: Do it with Thickbox Module (No coding required, happens in clicks)

Steps to do it, (Assumed that you have your website setup and running in Drupal and logged in as Site Administrator userid 1, you also know basic Drupal site administration.)

  1. Download the ThickBox Module here.
  2. Install it (copy it in /sites/default/modueles - for Drupal 5.x)
  3. Activate it (Go to Administer>>moduels>> check thick box and click save configuration)
  4. Go to ThickBox Administration (Can be found in Administer page under site configuration Administer>>ThickBox)
  5. Check the box that says “Enable for login links” then hit Save Configuration
  6. Make your login box invisible from Blocks (Adminster>>Blocks)
  7. Make a link in any menu (primary links preferred if shown) called Login or with any other relevant title give the link URL as /user and save it. (remember to log out)
  8. Now when you click the login link (after logging out that is) you’ll get an output similar to above screenshot. COOL!!!, you did it.
Geshan Manandhar